Strong, durable and compact hoses for transportation of liquids, suspensions, gases and bulk solids, petroleum products
Flat-fold sleeves are strong, durable and compact hoses for the transportation of liquids, suspensions, gases and bulk products. They are used in the construction, agriculture, chemical, oil and gas and food industries. Although these hoses are inferior in strength to many other products of this group of RTI hoses, the demand for them is always high, as flat-twist hoses take up a minimum of space and weigh little, but have an impressive inner diameter.

Such hoses are in great demand in mobile systems, such as fire-fighting, transportation and fueling equipment or utility vehicles with water pumps. The hose becomes flat in the transportation position and is rolled up into a compact coil. Manufacturers produce hoses of different diameters and designs, so it is easy to choose the right product for a particular application.
Application: use for pumping oil and petroleum products as well as in agriculture
Temperature: -25°C to +70°C
Inner layer: smooth polyurethane
Reinforcement: high-strength synthetic cording
Coating: smooth (with textile band print), made of polyurethane, weather and ozone resistant
Marking: PSR
Diameter dimensions: 50 to 200 mm
Our company LIBERTY-A opened the production of flat-folded sleeves in 2021, and at the moment has developed an optimal and high-quality production strategy.

The ratio of price and quality, respectively, affects the realization of our products.

The sleeves are manufactured with Norwegian and Chinese equipment, and also undergo multiple tests in our laboratory.
In addition to the sale of equipment, the company LIBERTY-A offers its clients also rent - this method is relevant for small enterprises that carry out work on a small scale. Renting equipment will cost much cheaper, besides you will not have to allocate additional space for its storage between uses.

What you need to place an order
In order to purchase flat-folded sleeves LIBERTY-A LLP company at a favorable price or rent them, you only need to have a computer with Internet access at hand - you can place an order online without leaving your home or office. If necessary, our experts will thoroughly advise you, telling you in detail about the features and advantages of this or that type of equipment. In addition, you can take advantage of the service of equipment customization and its adaptation to real conditions, as well as training your employees to work with the new generation of equipment. Our masters offer qualified service not only throughout the warranty period, but also after its expiration.
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